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list of gallbladder disorder

Gallbladder Disorders

    CONTENTS:   ⇔ Gallbladder ⇔ Bile ⇔ Bile Passage ⇔ Movement of bile ⇔ Gallbladder Disorders   Gallbladder:   The gall bladder is an organ located below the liver and right side of the abdomen. It’s a part of the human biliary system.   Structure: A thin-walled, hollow structure and pear-shaped sack   […]

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human circuit neuron

Human circuit – NEURON

    Neuron: It’s a nerve cell that transfers information to other cells through synapses.   Nervous System: The networks of nerve cells and fibers which transmit nerve impulses between parts of the body.   CONTENTS:   ⇒ Nervous System Classification ⇒ Neuron Classification ⇒ Structure of neuron ⇒ Action Potential ⇒ Synapses   Nervous […]

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functions of protein

Protein functions

  Let’s know how the protein performs in the human body??   Proteins are essential macronutrients to perform various functions in every system of the human body.   Amino acids-> Peptide -> Polypeptides (Or Proteins)   Peptide refers to short amino acid chains linked by the peptide bonds. When one or more polypeptides joined together, […]

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Micronutrient FAT

Micronutrient Fat

      Nutrients are the chemical compound which is fundamental for our survival and growth.   ⇒ Macro-nutrient – Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats   ⇒ Micro-nutrient – Vitamins & Minerals   ⇒ Water   Fat is one of the essential macro-nutrients required for the human body.   CONTENTS:   ⇔ Triglyceride ⇔ Adipose tissue […]

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